acne Facewash is bad for acne!

You guys mostly think that those acne fighting facewash really works to control acne? well what is your experience?


Mine is that is really aggravates it! especially the so called scrubs. Just google around and you’ll know scrubs are really bad for acne and it aggravates it really badly! So what about facewash? Well it is better than a soap for our face but it doesn’t do good for our faces in terms of controlling acne!


It is always recommended to limit washing your face with a facewash under two times a day. If your face is acne prone, facewash can wash away the natural healing process of skin and the acne leaves scars! This is bad isn’t it?

Acne treatment now online

Acne is one of the most irritating medical condition for a teenager. Acne is mostly caused by hormonal activity in the human body. There are many misconceptions around this sometimes ugly condition. And there are many products ranging from soaps to face washes and creams, etc. which claims to tackle this condition. But the consumer always keeps suffering and the condition keeps repeating itself again and again!

The best way to control this condition is to seek a professional’s help. And who is better than a Dermatologist who is a doctor specialized in skin conditions? But they are very few to be easily accessible! To take there appointment and travel far for their clinic too is a hectic task in today’s hefty lifestyle! So a company called vivohealth group has launched an online service called were people with acne or other cosmetic skin issues can now consult dermatologist online and seek treatment opinions online from their portal. Visit to know more about their service or you can even read different articles which their dermatologists post on the blog.

The consultation from the dermatologist generally cost upwards of Rs. 200. But they offer discounts on regular basis which can be found by following their blog or facebook page.

Online consultations from doctors is a new and upcoming practice in India. There are many websites which have started this online consultation services. But is the only website which is specifically targeting customers for acne and other skin related treatment by online consultation from dermatologists. They are expecting to capture a part of market were consumers generally go for over the counter products like creams and facepacks for issues like acne. They are confident that their service will provide results rather than promises as compared to other over the counter products.

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